Life After Death

Negative Energy

What is negative energy?

This question I asked three years back based on the behavior of my pet dog. I want to share with you about my experience with my pet dog. She is an Indian breed named lisy and I adopted her 5 years ago. She is always around me sleeps in the same bed. Few years ago for some strange reasons she started avoiding me. She smelled my room and walked away. I panicked. I visited a Sufi master and he told me that I have some negative energy. He did some procedure and I went back home. Immediately my dog’s reaction changed. She started coming closer to me and was comfortable in my room. She is a very friendly dog and rarely barks at visitors. But certain visitors she used to bark and sometimes hide from them. I realized that she can smell negative energies. I did research based on her behavior.

One scientist explained me that negative energy is about electrons spinning anticlockwise and positive energy is about electrons spinning clockwise. But I was sure that lisy is not afraid of electrons, and there is something mysterious about these negative energies. On doing further research I asked those visitors to leave all there belongings outside and enter. To my surprise lisy became immediately friendly with them. Immediately I realized that negative energy was absorbed on some object that the person was wearing. I found out that objects like gold, gemstones, leather items was mostly affected.

Going deeper I realized that these negative energies are Biomagnetic field of dead person. In fact after death the human Biomagnetic field with the memories gets detached from the body. That is the reason for my dog getting scared, because we are talking about a field which is alive with all memories. The Biomagnetic field gets attached to these objects and the person wearing them develops a negative field around him. Even today I have visitors coming home to check themselves of their negativity. Thanks to lisy I was able to write a book”Life after Death” published by frog books


Atman is different from Soul. Atman is an invisible umbilical chord or a connector above our head connected from the creator. At the time of death the atman gets disconnected and gets connected to a baby in the womb giving life. This is the concept of rebirth.

Soul is an energy concentration located in front of the body. The area between soul and the physical body constitutes our Biomagnetic field and the chakra layers. The physical body consisting of 8 layers is a common misinterpretation. The truth is that the soul has 8 layers with our physical body being the 8th layer. In fact our body is only a layer (gross) of the soul. The first layer of the soul is Ajna, 2nd is Vishuddha, 3rd is Anahata, 4th is manipura, 5th swadhishthana 6th is sahasrara, 7th is mooladhara (Bio magnetic field) and the 8th is the physical body.

At the time of death the soul with its 7 layers gets disconnected from the physical body. The atman gets separately disconnected from the body. The memory of the person remains in the Biomagnetic field. (Scientists have agreed that the memory of a person does not reside in the brain, so it has to be outside.) If a person is having distortion in his magnetic field (Karma Dosha) before his death he creates an opposite magnetic of that of the earth. Due to the opposite field the earth magnetic field pulls the distorted Biomagnetic field below the earth. The Biomagnetic field remains trapped below the earth till the distortion (Karma Dosha) is removed. Karma Dosha is a distorted magnetic field accumulated by man in his Biomagnetic field. One has to follow the law of nature. Going against the law can lead to accumulation of Karma Dosha. Our scriptures call it hell. It’s like getting trapped below the earth with all the memories without any freedom. Sounds scary but it is true.

For a person who attained moksha, the connection with the atman remains permanent even after death.

As per my understanding and study there is no rebirth of the soul. Firstly the soul of the parents is replicated or multiplied and enters in to their offspring at the time of orgasm. So there is no chance of any external soul to enter. Secondly after death due to distortions (Karma Dosha) in the Bio magnetic field the soul with the 7 layers gets pulled down to the earth. If there is any rebirth it must be the atman which connects and disconnects during life and death, but it does not carry any memories with it.


It is a hollow 2mm size like vacuum located at the base of Mooladhara. At the time of orgasm the size increases to approx 7 mm and then shrinks back to the original size. When the kundalini increases its size the soul gets multiplied. A spiritually evolved person should be able to increase the size of the kundalini without the thought of sex and then raise it via sushumna nadi above the head between the atman and sahasrara chakra.

Once this phenomenon is achieved we can say that the person has achieved moksha. The atman remains permanently connected. After death his energy field gets intact only the body perishes. He has the freedom and lives eternally.

Man has a choice to live in this world for approx 80 years and the get trapped below the earth for years or achieve moksha and get freedom and live eternally.

Life begins after death

Why couldn’t nature place kundalini directly above the head at first place?

Man is a co creator. For man to reproduce, the kundalini must be placed at mooladhara chakra.

Man has two main purposes with his body in life. One is to reproduce and second to attain moksha. Rest everything is secondary.


“If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia”

Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions or disorganized speech and thinking in the context of significant social or occupational dysfunction.

Some of the major symptoms have been perceptional difficulties and voices. ‘Voices’ is a poor word to use for this Symptom as very few people who are diagnosed as hearing a voice actually hear a voice; it’s closer to being addressed by your own thoughts in the 3rd person and believing that these thoughts originate from outside yourself. Whether or not these thoughts come from evil spirits or a biochemical imbalance makes no difference to the person experiencing these symptoms because the effect remains the same. These voices and perceptional illusions can intrude upon the conscious mind and make it difficult to live. Diagnosis is based on the patient’s self-reported experiences and observed behavior. No laboratory test for schizophrenia currently exists. A person diagnosed with schizophrenia may demonstrate disorganized and unusual thinking and speech, auditory hallucinations, and delusions.

The psychiatrist Kurt Schneider (1887-1967) listed the forms of psychotic symptoms that he thought distinguished schizophrenia from other psychotic disorders. These are called first-rank symptoms or Schneider’s first-rank symptoms, and they include delusions of being controlled by an external force; the belief that thoughts are being inserted into or withdrawn from one’s conscious mind; the belief that one’s thoughts are being broadcast to other people; and hearing hallucinatory voices that comment on one’s thoughts or actions or that have a conversation with other hallucinated voices.

Causes as per research conducted by Hora Biomagnetic research Center

Our Biomagnetic field is approx 1 meter from our body controlled by Mooladhara chakra. The clockwise and the anticlockwise spin of Mooladhara causes a double spin of the subatomic particles one vertical and one horizontal, creating a Biomagnetic field. Magnetic field has a single spin whereas Biomagnetic field has double spin.

At the time of death the Biomagnetic field with the memory gets disconnected from the physical body. The memory of the person remains in the Biomagnetic field. (Scientist has found that memory does not reside in the brain so it has to be outside.) That is the reason why no laboratory test can diagnose depression. If a person is having a distortion in his magnetic field (Karma Dosha) before his death ,due to the earth magnetic field which has an opposite field gets pulled below the earth and remains till the distortion (Karma Dosha) is removed.

When a dead person soul gets trapped or attached to living persons Biomagnetic field then it is called soul attachment. Through my research I have found that due to weak magnetic field of a living person a dead person’s soul can get attached causing mental illness like depression, Schizophrenia etc. The memory of the dead person clashes with the memory of the live person causing phobias, confusion, hallucination etc. This must be the reason for hearing voices. If a soul of a dead woman enters a man he starts to develop female tendencies. Famous case I understand is of former Inspector General of police from India Mr. Panda popularly known as “doosri Radha”. Suddenly his behavior pattern changed while on duty. He started dressing like a woman believing himself to be Radha .He is an unfortunate victim of soul attachment. We should understand that person like IG Panda is not an ordinary person and instead of finding the cause we ridicule them. The behavior of the victim depends on the position of the attachment. If the attachment is on the front right side the victim can develop hallucination, schizophrenia, opposite sex tendencies.

In a recent case Bollywood film actor Govinda, things seems to go seriously wrong for him. Incidents of his infamous eccentric behavior are on the rise. There was an article in Bangalore mirror where a Mumbai based psychiatrist said “Judging by these stories one cannot underline that Govinda is schizophrenic”. This is a famous case of a normal person going abnormal. This according to me is an unfortunate case of soul attachment. In the past we have come across the famous case of actress Praveen Babi who suffered from schizophrenia.

There was a recent case of an IT professional committing suicide. She mentioned in the suicide note that she was a victim of split personality and got into depression. There are many such cases and it has become a global problem If the attachment is on the back right side, the victim can develop depression, phobias etc. In the news paper you must have come across of people suddenly getting into depression after the sudden demise of a person. There are cases abroad where people preserve the dead person in their house for years. This is a case of soul attachment where the dead person’s soul influences the attached person of not destroying the body.

Gem Stones

We have done research on the popular 9 gemstones and their relation with human Biomagnetic field using Biomagnetic scanner. The gem stones were placed in the scanner. The scanner was opening for particular person for a particular stone. Out of the 9 gem stones only 3 stones are related to human beings: Blue Sapphire, ruby and Coral. We have done extensive research on people and found that they belong to the group of only one of these stones. In fact it is the same frequency of the soul. Each Individual will have one of the above frequency only.

Why human beings soul has 3 different frequencies and not one?

Probably the answer is with the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Concept

Brahma represents Ruby frequency, Vishnu represents Coral Frequency and Shiva represents Blue Sapphire frequency. So if a person has coral frequency his ancestor must be Vishnu.

As per Charles Darwin’s theory man arouse out of evolution from apes and not by creation. If that is true then the apes must also belong to the group of these three gem stones. We have yet to do research on apes to come to a conclusion. We have done research on many families and have come to a peculiar conclusion. If the father is of coral frequency and the mother is of ruby frequency their children will either be a ruby or coral frequency. The soul can replicate itself from the parents to their children. During the sexual intercourse the couple who gets the first orgasm will have his or her soul replicating to the new born. So the theory that the soul comes from outside and enters the womb is not true. The soul located in front of your Bio magnetic field is a replicate from your parents. If we go to the origin and its beginning it must be from the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The very presence of soul in your Bio magnetic field has to be the soul from one of the trinity. So in a sense god is within you is true. Our physical body with the field represents the temple and the soul represents the almighty.

We also have heard of cases of children talking about past birth experiences and we conclude it as rebirth. The same child as it grows forgets the past experiences. This is a case of soul attachment. During childhood the child has a tender memory and hence it gets under the influence of the memories of the attached soul. As the child grows and develops his own memory the influence of the memory of the soul attached gets reduced.


It is important for every one of us to know the art of relaxation. Remember only a relaxed person can meditate. Any technique which leads to moksha is called meditation. Meditation should be effortless like sleep. The moment you put effort to sleep, you cannot sleep. Similarly if you put effort to meditate you cannot meditate. Mounan is a powerful technique for a person to relax and prepare for meditation. Mounam has been misunderstood as silence. Mounam is not remaining silent. A practitioner can practice mounam amidst all chaos. He can talk, go to office do his task and still be in a state of mounam.

We have our inner conversation happening all the times. Thought comes we react mentally to the thoughts. We almost spend our lifetime reacting to our thoughts. It is not possible to stop the flow of thoughts. In fact it is not necessary. What we can do is to stop reacting to the thoughts and that is called mounam. Remaining silent is of no use as long as you react to the thoughts. Reacting to a thought accompanies emotion and emotions can be positive or negative. Instead of reacting, act with the thought. Acting with the thought does not bring emotion. One can remain in that state through out and remain in a calm state of mind.

Many have practiced this wonderful technique and have benefited from it. The practical benefits one gain from this technique is developing self confidence, stress reduction, maintaining harmony and balance within yourself and with the surroundings. These benefits help you to think positive and guide you in the right direction. Then the so called materialistic benefits become achievable.

Kundalini Shakthi

We are familiar with the term Kundalini shakthi. What is the importance of Kundalini yoga? What is the benefit for the modern man? Scientists say that man uses 10% of his brain; the rest remain dormant throughout his life. Kundalini yoga is a technique to activate the other dormant portions of his brain. You divide the brain into 7 parts. Each part is connected to each chakra. The seven chakras starting from Mooladhara chakra, swadhisthana chakra, manipura chakra, Anahata chakra, Vishudha chakra, ajna chakra and sahasrara chakra have direct influence on the functioning of the brain. Man has control over animals and uses them for their comforts, mainly because of the power of the brain. Animals also have chakras but the main difference between man and animal is that for animal the highest chakra is Mooladhara and for man the lowest chakra is Mooladhara. That explains the limitation of animals.

By birth by default human beings have got Mooladhara chakra activated. That is the reason for the 10% activation of the brain. We live all our lives within the limitation of these 10%. The other chakras are not activated. With every chakra getting activated, additional 10% of the brain gets activated. If you have visited the ashrams of great gurus you will notice a peaceful atmosphere around there. The presence of the great master makes one feel peaceful and serene. They speak on any subject with conviction. The reason is that they have activated some of their chakras thereby activated their brain cells further.

Remaining at the level of Mooladhara one cannot evolve spiritually. Mooladhara chakra has its negative side like greed, jealousy etc which is responsible for all the major crimes committed by man. Every one must make effort to activate at least one of the chakras by practicing Kundalini Yoga. People have the wrong notion that kundalini Yoga is difficult to practice. They conclude that one has to do years of penance like Sri Buddha which is not practical in today’s world. One must understand that awakening of the chakras is as per the law of nature. Anything within the law of nature is attainable, only that one should have a deep inner quest towards it.

Great saints like Sri Buddha, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba were able to awaken theirKundalini. But unfortunately their disciples or their worshippers could not attain it. By simply following a guru or worshipping them you cannot be assured of awakening. The guru has his own set of ideas developed by his own thinking. The followers blindly follow those ideas, which is not wrong. The problem is that the follower stops thinking on his own and expects the guru to think for him. He simply justifies his guru’s ideas. It is important that one must develop the habit of thinking, because from deep thinking one can evolve spiritually. Every human being should reach the level of a guru themselves. Then the world will be a better place to live in.

Soul Meditation

A vast majority of people believe in God. People throng to temples, churches in spite of his invisible existence. Majority of people offer prayers to the almighty. But most of them pray for fulfillment of desires, to satisfy their materialistic needs. Huge amount of money is spend for this purpose. Now the question is does the almighty fulfill your desires?. If that is true then why are people still suffering?

From childhood we hear this statement “God is within you” Is this statement true? If it is true then why go to temples and pray.

The soul located in front of your Biomagnetic Field is a replicate from your parents. If we go to the origin and its beginning it must be from the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The very presence of soul in your Biomagnetic field has to be the soul from one of the trinity. So in a sense god is within you is true. Our physical body with the field represents the temple and the soul represents the almighty.

One should understand that the creator who created you will not help you in fulfillment of your desires. They are not meant for that. If you have a deep quest to evolve spiritually then this technique will be useful to you. So the next time you offer prayers make sure you ask for spiritual growth and not materialistic needs.

By Girish Menon

Source by Girish Menon