Katrina Kaif nails the trick to washing dishes

Katrina Kaif  Celebrities, they’re just like us—,, especially during a global pandemic. As the country goes under lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, people are being advised to give their help paid time off so that they too can observe social distancing in their homes.

Katrina Kaif

This, of course, means dishes—and yesterday, Katrina Kaif took to her Instagram page to encourage her fans to help out at home, and showed them a way to wash dishes that will save water.

“Since the house help are also practicing self-isolation, me and Izzy [Isabelle Kaif] have decided to take turns to do the washing up. So I thought I’d do a little refresher tutorial for those of us who have forgotten a bit…” she starts off, in the video posted on her Instagram page.

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The actor goes on to demonstrate her technique, which involves filling up the sink with water and the dishes and turning off the tap, then lathering the dishes and keeping them aside, and then rinsing them all together. On his Instagram page, Kartik Aaryan too is seen doing the dishes at home in a video he reposted from his sister Kritika’s account.

The actor was seen rinsing a pressure cooker with ‘Old Town Road’ blaring from the speakers, in the post his sister captioned, “Dont mistake this for Quarantine. This is the usual scene at home (sic)”. Bollywood has been leading the charge in driving home important messages during this time, whether it’s through demonstrating good hygiene or showing their support to the healthcare professionals working tirelessly to help those affected.

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The need of the hour is to come in contact with as few people as possible, but that doesn’t mean you need to let go of your social life. Want ideas on how to stay connected? Find out about virtual potlucks, dance raves and Netflix viewing parties, here.