How To Keep The Spark Alive | Surprise Your Partner

How to Keep the Spark Alive? One of the most satisfying aspects of being in a long-term relationship is how well you and your partner know each other. You’ve spent months, maybe even years together and you’ve endured your fair share of challenges while making memories along the way. Though there’s comfort in familiarity, sometimes what you really want is to switch things up – to try something new. Especially during the year of 2020, we all could use a little change in our day-to-day WFH grind.


If you’re looking for a way to inject a little energy into your relationship, why not plan a little surprise? It might be just what the two of you need to revive your relationship and rejuvenate the monotony of your daily schedules.

Here are 7 simple, but creative ways to surprise your partner and keep the spark alive.

1. Put your favorite photos on display.

What better way to celebrate your relationship with your partner than to pick out some of your favorite photos together and put them on display. Pick up some nice frames at the craft store or assemble your top picks in a scrapbook or photo book. If you want to go digital, go through old photos on your phones and stream them to the TV screen. Reminiscing can be romantic and a fun way to relive fun experiences.

2. Buy a Modern Love Box Subscription.

If you’ve having trouble coming up with ideas for ways to surprise your partner, The Modern Love Box is the perfect pick. Choose from Relationship Expert curated Date Boxes filled with products and prompts to help you and your partner step up all levels of intimacy. This company also offers an Adult Intimacy store and a Digital Subscription filled with communication starters and enhancers, (because quality conversation is a great way to foster intimacy!) Most of the work is done for you and each of the company’s offerings give you the opportunity to get closer and more connected!

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3. Tackle your partner’s to-do list.

A surprise doesn’t always have to be a physical gift – you could show your partner you care by performing an act of service. Tackle a few items on your partner’s to-do list so they have a little extra free time to relax or to spend with you.

4. Try the 4-course meal challenge from TikTok.

Everyone loves food, especially when it’s a surprise. Give the 4-course meal challenge a try by taking turns picking out drinks, appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Use the meal as a chance to spend some quality time catching up with your partner.

5. Write them a love letter.

In today’s world, communication is often done through text or email, so show your partner you care by surprising them with a hand-written love letter. If you want to get really creative, you could write several shorter notes and hide them around the house for your partner to find.

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6. Book a hotel room for the two of you.

If it’s been a while since you and your partner had any alone time together, why not book a hotel room for a night or the whole weekend. Order room service then kick back and watch movies or soak in the jacuzzi together for a little quality one-on-one time. It’ll be nice getting out of your homes and into a new environment!

7. Buy something sexy for yourself or your partner.

Feeling sexy is crucial in allowing yourself to be open to erotic experiences. Why not pick out a sexy piece of lingerie or a introduce a top rated couples sex toy as a surprise for your partner? Psssst… If erectile dysfunction is ever a barrier, you can plan ahead and get a prescription for ED medication online. Go outside of your comfort zones and discuss sex in meaningful ways with this Intimacy Guide.

You know your partner better than anyone, so take your time to think through this list and choose a surprise your partner will appreciate and enjoy. You never know – it might just set off a fun new tradition of surprising each other to keep the spark in your relationship alive!