How the Stars in Heaven Shaped the Life of Amitabh Bachchan, India's Super Duper Mega Star

Amitabh Bachchan, the superstar, was born on 11 October 1942, in Allahabad, India. His chart reads as follows: Ascendant, Aquarius with Ketu (dragon's head); fourth house Taurus with retrograde Saturn; sixth house, Cancer with Jupiter; seventh house, Leo with Rahu (dragon's head); eighth house, Virgo with Venus, Mercury (retrograde), Mars and the Sun; ninth house, Libra with the Moon.

The first house lord Saturn is the most important planet in Amitabh's natal chart, because it is also the most important planet for Librans: in Western Fixed Zodiac astrology he is a Libran by Sun Sign and as per sidereal chart he is a Libran by Moon Sign ; for him, therefore, Saturn alone is capable of confirming name, fame and every thing for him.

The phenomenon called Amitabh started in 1955 (to 1971) when his period of Rahu ended and that of Jupiter started. His Jupiter in the sixth house in its exaltation (Cancer), is also exalted in Navamsha (ninth division of the sign). In the sixteen years period that followed, it made such a strong foundation for him that the construction construction on top of it still continues. Towards the end of its period in 1969 it gave him first break in a Bollywood movie called Saat Hindustani (Seven Indians). At the end of Jupiter's sixteenth year period in 1971, he had earned enough momentum to reach the apogee of stardom in the nineteen year period of Saturn that followed.

It must be noted that Saturn is retrograde in his fourth house; and according to Uttarakalamrita of Kalidasa, a retrograde planet is equivalent to an exalted planet. A functionally exalted most important planet for the native (as said earlier) can make the native reach stratospheric heights in all his undertaking. It did so for Amitabh also-from 1971 to 1990 he realized everything that one can dream of. His hit movie, Anand , was released in 1971 establishing his acting credentials in Bollywood. Thereafter, Zanjeer (1973), Deewar and Sholay (1975) have been genre condemning magnum opuses.

All of his major hits came during this period that ended in 1990. His 17 year period of Mercury, the lord of the fifth and the eighth houses, which is retrograde in its own sign and also the sign of exaltation, started in 1990 and ended in 2007. It must be noted that the lords of the fourth (angle), fifth (trine), seventh (angle), ninth (trine), and tenth (angle) are in the eighth. The conjunction of these most important planets is not considered good by classical astrologers only because it is in the eighth, the most inauspicious house. However, you can not take away the imminence importance of coming together of two trinal and three angular lords giving rise to many ruling combinations so much praised in astrology.

The presence of the Moon in the ninth, a best position for it (adjacent the second house) and the tenth exalted Jupiter from the Moon Sign, thus creating Gaja-Kesari Yoga (Jupiter – Moon) is also doing wonder to him.

At present he passes through Sade-Sati (seven and half year period transition of Saturn from radical Moon) Since Saturn is the most auspicious planet for him, this period will cause no negative impact on him; on the contrary, the first five year may prove good to him, especially when Saturn transits Libra, its exaltation sign.

Amitabh has gone through some lean patches in the past, as everyone else does, but not even the top actors of his time can duplicate his success in more than one lifetime.

Source by Dhirendra Prasad Kaintholla