How Does Bollywood Impact Indian Lifestyle?

Cinema is said to be the mirror of society but it itself is quite influential and has deep impact on the minds of the viewers. We follow movies ardently and even carry them into our lives using services like Bollywood mobile sites and widgets on our cell phones. There are several things that we take from movies and make them a part of our lifestyles, knowingly or unknowingly.

Lots of people use a particular brand of soap, shampoo, car, mobile or clothes just because their favorite Bollywood actors advertise them. And this is not the only way Bollywood impacts us. We even like to copy the stars’ fashion statements and styles from their popular movies. And these are just a few of the many visible or invisible influences that Bollywood has on our lives.

Movies like Babul raising issues of widow-remarriage or those like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham reasserting Indian cultural values of respect for parents’ views, tend to make us wonder whether Bollywood is merely about entertainment. Rang De Basanti brought forth the very sticky and political issue of MIG crashes that was pushed into oblivion. It was only after the movie that people started demanding accountability.

There are several medium budget movies, especially from the new generation directors like Madhur Bhandarkar and Prakash Mehra, which call for rethinking of the lives around us. They not only force us to question the establishment but also make us aware of our rights and obligations, which generally remain unnoticed, even despite government awareness programs. The movies have also acted as eye openers for public by bringing forth socio-political issues, for instance in movies like Rann, Gulaal and Corporate.

The new wave of Indian cinema has more arduously started experimenting with new subject matters that are closer to our lives. So, if your son has come back after watching 3 Idiots and has decided that he does not want to be an engineer anymore, you will understand how this age of bollywood mobile is getting into your lives for real.

Source by Kevin Fernandez