Fighting For a Life by David Hadden

Determination, Faith, and Commitment

“Fighting for A Life” is David Hadden’s amazing story of determination, faith, and commitment to a cause. At age twenty-two David Hadden was hired to be trained as a conductor on Tri-County Rail Authority commuter line, a part of the Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTCD). After three years of determined effort, hard work, and loyalty to the company, David’s employment was unjustly terminated because of his race. David decided to fight back.

This is his story, a story that parallels his fight for a life in three distinct different arenas. David found himself embroiled in discrimination suit against a giant corporation. He also tells of his struggles while an amateur and of moving into a career in boxing, a sport filled with deception and betrayal. Throughout the book he relates how he faced a spiritual battle to maintain a genuine, consistent testimony before his family. He tells of the depth and reality of his newly found personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A detailed account of his experiences in searching for a lawyer and how he acquired a personal knowledge of legalese to enter pre-trial motions, as well as the contents of the transcripts of the trial are interspersed with his training and opportunities as a professional boxer. David clearly expresses a consistent desire to put God first in his life through each hardship and circumstance.

I was challenged by David’s determination to “fight for what he knew to be right.” He followed the dictates of his heart, relied on the truths he learned from the Scriptures, and from the mentoring relationship he felt with Martin Luther King, gained from his speeches, sermon tapes, and motivational messages. “Fighting for A Life” gave me a new appreciation of the struggle African Americans are faced with in their attempt to establish equal opportunity in a biased and prejudiced society, long after they were “supposedly” available. The book demonstrates the miracle of determined effort, a just cause, and a hope for justice.

Clearlake Publishing, 978-0980177947

As reviewed for Christian Review of Books

Source by Richard R Blake