Discover The Spiritual Khali Sans His Wrestling Ring

I stood numb when my eyes, that are accustomed to behold normal beings like you and me, saw the intimidating and imposing gigantic personality, thump down the aisle of the city’s airport. For what I saw, my mind was reluctant to comprehend and what I came to know is even more intriguing to pen down in words. We have seen him hogging most of the air-space on broadcast media, roaring his lungs-out at his rivals in the ring, reducing his opponents to a bundle of hay-stacks… he is the most sought after wrestling icon in India… ‘Rings a bell?’ Yes, we caught up with non other than the “Khalbali-King”… the ultra-sized man with puissant biceps, bulging out of white tees and blue jeans- the Great Khali. And believe me, to meet him in person was a surreal experience.

For solicitous fans in the national capital, he landed like a hope for delectation at 11pm on May 3 at Indira Gandhi International airport. Dalip Singh Rana aka the Great Khali landed to drum beats and uproar of celebrations in the reception area bulging with fans, supporters, and activists of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), a spiritual organisation that the 7 feet and 2-and-half inches World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler follows religiously. From there began ‘Tour India’ of the former employee of Punjab state police along with his wife, Harminder Kaur. The one-time world heavy weight champion and Mr India for the year 1995-96 is scheduled to visit Mumbai as he said while talking to Headlines India. “I love my country and would try to visit as many places as I can during my stay here.”

The next big task for Dalip Singh was to search an accommodation for himself in the national capital. I wanted to stay at the Jatkhod ashram of my Guru Ashutoshji, but due to security reasons, we could not. Then I went to Hotel Oberoi with my wife. But they pleaded us to leave, as they failed to manage my fans, said the wrestler who made an appearance in the Hollywood flick-‘The longest yard.’

After making a mark in Hollywood, the Great Khali was approached by 20 Bollywood film producers once he landed in Delhi. The highest offer was Rs 10 crore, but he denied them all. When quizzed about the reason, Khali told Headlines India, “I am a true disciple of Ashutosh Maharajji. I don’t do anything which he does not agree to. And, my guruji does not want me to do any Bollywood movie right now. So, I have refused all the offers.”

Who amongst us would not want to meet the King Khan of Bollywood? But when he himself wants to meet the Great Khali, it speaks volumes about the stature the brute-wrestler has acquired in the country. Shahrukh Khan has reportedly called up Khali seeking an appointment before he returns to Toronto. Sharukh Khan told Khali on phone that if kids love him so much and want to see him once, “then why can’t I?” said a source close to the wrestler.

As we all have been following TV channels that say Khali is a religious man, Headlines India tried to discover the complete truth in a meeting with Khali. Disclosing the real source of his unbeatable concentration and strength in the ring, the ‘strongest man of India’ said, I meditate for two-and-a half hours everyday according to the ‘Brahma-Gyan’. “It gives me strength to remain peaceful at mind, yet so effective inside the ring.”

When asked about the sure-shot formula behind the success of Dalip Singh Rana from Dhirana Village (in Himachal Pradesh) to the Great Khali of WWE, he answered, “I always believe the real success of a man is to live life in accordance with the divine norms, which not only make you strong, but also enrich you with all the worldly achievements. But all this comes, when you have a perfect master. I am blessed to have Ashutoshji.”

‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman’ and Harminder Kaur firmly stands as a root of success behind Khali. She stood by his side in surge and slumps of his career graph, supporting him through thick-and-thins. When asked if she faces any kind of problem in regular course of life due to his fan-following, she cheerfully replied, “Not at all. It is rather a privilege to be his wife. I am proud that he is not only creating a niche for himself but also bringing honour to the entire country.”

So, this was about my short meeting with ‘The Great Khali’ who loves to listen to discourses, whenever he gets time, loves his wife immensely and who himself is a very loved man outside the ring, but on top of everything who respects his country the most.

Source by Geetanjali Atri