Different Types of Hugs And What They Mean

That’s probably why I became a dating coach, because just like you, I knew that there were a bunch of hidden meanings behind things like hugs and I wanted to spread the word to others. The common rule of thumb is that “that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken.hugs

” See! So there is a hidden meaning behind the different types of hugs. Today I am going to show you exactly what each hug means.

Romantic/Love Interest

Now for the fun hugs! These hugs are reserved only for people who we have a sexual attraction to. If you are experiencing any of these hugs with a man, congrats!

It means you have the hots for each other and a passionate relationship!

Acquaintances/Not Very Close

These types of hugs are friendly hugs that you would do with someone you’re not super close with. These may be for a co-worker or someone you have just men.

Straddle Hug

This hug is when the woman is straddling the man while he’s sitting down or standing up.  It’s an extremely sexually charged hug and if you’re experiencing this then you have definitely got a romantic connection with them.

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Behind Hug

This hug from behind is actually both sexually charged and romantic. This is the best type of hug if you’re in a long-term relationship because it says “I care about you AND I’m still sexually attracted to you.”

The reason why this hug is so special is that it’s a suprise. One person will put their arms around their partner while they are not looking.

The Pocket Hug

In this hug, one or both partners will have their hand in the other’s pocket. This hug is both romantic and “sexually passionate”.

If you are an older couple and doing this hug, it shows you have a youthful playful side and are not afraid to show it to each other.

Piggy Back Hug

With this hug, one person is carrying the other person on their back. While this could be done with a child, if the two people are grown adults, it’s a very romantic and playful hug.

Talking Hug

In this type of hug, you are embracing the person while continuing to talk. They want to catch each other up on their lives while still feeling their physical presence since they haven’t felt it in so long.

Spin Hug

This type of hug is when the two people embrace, and once lifts the other up and spins them around. Now this hug is obviously innocent and not sexual if done with an adult and a child. Children are small so they are easily swung around and this hug is common with them.

But assuming both people are grown adults, this hug becomes much more difficult to perform.

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Butt Grab Hug

This hug is when you embrace and then one partner squeezes, and even holds onto the butt of the other person.

Lip Kiss and Hug

This hug is when you kiss on the lips while hugging.

Sit and Hug

This is where two people will sit in a public area and hug each other.  This is a public display of affection and it is done between couples who care deeply for each other.

Eye Contact Hug

In this kind of hug, the couple wraps their arms around each other and stares deeply into each other’s eyes. There was a famous study done where people were told to perform a series of events, and ask certain questions to each other.

Netflix Hug

This is the Netflix and chill hug! It’s when you’re cuddling each other on the couch while you watch TV.