8 Things To Do When Your Wife Walks Out On You

One of the most trying times in a man’s life is when his wife walks out on him. It is a heart wrenching experience when the woman you have dedicated a lot of your love and energy towards, decides that she is not happy with you or does not want to be with you, for whatever reasons. He needs to know where he stands in the world as well as his legal rights.


Men do feel lonely after separation and divorce and often find it hard to cope alone. This list seeks to help men, whose wives have left them, realize the options they have available to them to help them through these hard times.

8 Things To Do When Your Wife Walks Out On You

Let’s face it men and women react differently to breakups and divorce. While women reach out for help men recoil and try to handle their emotions on their own. This often leads to men becoming reclusive or they end up binge drinking and losing a hold on life itself. There is no denying the fact that when your wife walks out on you it’s like your life falling apart suddenly but whether you can put the pieces back together depends on how you handle the situation after that.

1. Seek therapeutic help

Seeking therapy is a good idea if your wife has walked out on you. You will be going through several intense emotions and seeing a professional could help you navigate those emotions. It is common for men to feel rage, despair, guilt and shame when their wife leaves them. Therapy is a good idea because it can get difficult to manage multiple negative emotions at the same time. You could turn to your friends and family for advice, but it is likely that they have never been through such a situation and may not be equipped to effectively help you through it.

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2. Be patient

A monumentally difficult thing to do when your wife walks out on you is to wait. You will have to wait to hear from her again, wait for the lawyers to contact you, wait for the pain to disappear, wait for a day that does not feel as bad. There will be a lot of waiting. As unhelpful and condescending as it sounds, the only thing you can do at this point is to be patient. The negative feelings don’t just suddenly disappear. Every day you will wake up and you will hurt, you will remember how good things were in the past and you will wonder how you managed to let things get so bad.

3. Get some legal advice when your wife walks out on you

When your wife walks out on you, it is important for you to know your legal rights. The divorce law in India is quite nuanced, so it can be a little confusing. A common question amongst men is that they are worried about having to give a certain amount to their now ex-wife. This is called maintenance or alimony.

4. Connect with your friends and family

Having supportive friends and family can be a godsend when your wife walks out on you. During such a difficult time, it can be quite comforting to know that you are surrounded by people who still care about you. Reconnecting with your friends and family now is very important as they can still provide you with a measure of stability when your world is crumbling around you.

5. Talk things out with your partner

Even if your wife walks out on you, it is not too late to save your marriage, she has not asked for a divorce yet. If a divorce is not finalized yet, you should do your best to try to talk to your wife about the problems she is facing and work with her on solving them. Dedicating time to fix a failing marriage is far more noble and practical than quitting it and giving up on your partner.

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6. Meet someone new

Meeting new people is always a great idea, especially after your wife has walked out on you. It does not have to be in a romantic way at wall, it could even be someone of the same gender. The point here is not to find the next person who you will date, but rather meet someone who adds another perspective through which you can view life. The world is huge and it is filled with varied and interesting people.

7. Try new things

Picking up a new hobby or travelling somewhere can work wonders for a broken heart. Learning a new skill is a very effective way of distracting yourself from the pain of separation. Eventually, you might find a hobby or an activity which brings you joy and which soothes you during stressful times. This may seem like applying a band-aid to a bullet wound, but simply having something to distract yourself with can make living without your partner feel slightly easier.

8. Guide your kids

If you have children, you should really reconsider divorce. If separation is unavoidable, it is important to realize that any decision you make does not just affect you, but your child as well. Any problems in your marriage are between you and your wife, not your child. Remind them that they are still a part of your life and that it is not their fault. Divorce can be quite hard on children, and it is your responsibility to help them make peace with the separation.