5 Unique Save the Date Ideas to Announce Your Wedding Date

Wedding Date You’re getting married! Congratulations! We know you want to tell the world! You want to scream it from the top of a mountain! Well, that may not be entirely possible, but there is still plenty of room to get creative!


Here are 5 unique ways you and your boo can spread the word (plus one bonus idea). We scoured the internet to try and find the most fun, off-the-wall ideas. Because hey, this is going to be the best day ever!

Get Silly With It

Your wedding day should be one of fun, laughter, and love. If you are that couple the loves to stand out and make people chuckle, find a save the date idea to do just that. HappierTogether offers tons of cute and unique save the date magnets like the one below. Because let’s be honest, they just want free drinks, right?

Show Everyone You Hit the Jackpot!

They hit the jackpot when they met you. You both are so lucky to be in love. There’s a lotto love between you both. What other terrible lottery puns can you think of? Anyway, everyone likes a little thrill and surprise, so share your date using some custom save the date scratchers (penny not included).

Let Them Eat Cake… But First, Cookies

Want to bribe your guests with delicious treats? Get a custom save the date cookie stamp! This idea is awesome because you can turn it into a cookie baking date night for you and your new fiance (how many times have you called them that…it’s great right). Gather your favorite cookie ingredients and get to baking!

You might, however, want to send a paper save the date as we cannot promise they will not be eaten up. Perhaps a save the date mug to dip they’re saving the date cookies into? Mind blown.

Create and Design Your Own Save the Date Magnets

Okay, save the date magnets are nothing new, but they are popular for a reason. They are perfect for keeping your wedding date top of mind for your guests. Plus, they’ll get to see both of your beautiful faces every time they get milk for their morning cereal. 🙂

Even though is a classic idea, don’t be held back by the boring old templates. Create your own custom design and get them printed just the way you want! You want to share your own unique and special personalities and your save the dates should reflect that! Need a place to start? Sticker Mule is our favorite!

Use Custom Tea Towels

Um…What is a tea towel? A tea towel is a type of kitchen or dish towel used as a drying tool for household chores. However, most tea towels are decorative and used to adorn the kitchen. You know…the towel you’re NOT supposed to use.

They are also can be transformed into the most unique save the dates ever! Yes, you can get them from Wedding Tea Towel, dubbed “the Lady Gaga of Wedding Invitations”. Quite an honor.

Bonus Idea: Don’t Forget YOU!

We know you are super excited to start telling everyone and to start planning your wedding, but don’t forget the two of you. You are about to enter one of the most stressful periods of your relationship so far. Yes, it’ll be amazing, but there will be some obstacles you’ll face together.

With all that said, don’t forget to spend some time continuing to strengthen your relationship. Don’t forget about the date night! With all the time and money being spent planning your wedding, date night can seem impossible, which is why we are here to help!

At Crated with Love, we offer unique date night boxes delivered right to your door at an affordable price for any couple! We do all the work, plan your special night together, and give you everything you need. All you need to do is get ready to laugh!