5 Celebs who Get Angry On Their Fans In A Public Place

Fans make their favourite actors larger than life, turning them into big stars. While most Bollywood actors will quickly admit that, some forget humility at times. Bollywood celebs are always surrounded by their fans and paparazzi who are arguably extra kind to them. However, some actors have lost it in public and insulted the same fans.


Here, we look at some Bollywood stars who forgot manners and misbehaved with fans and paps publicly.


Akshay Kumar

We often see Akshay Kumar as one of the calmest stars around fans. He is always in a jolly mood whenever in a public place or in interviews. However, the actor couldn’t control his emotions once when a fan tried to come close for a picture even after several warnings. This made Akshay slap him! Surely, the Khiladi regrets this one action sequences.

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#2 Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is one actor whose stardom transcends all boundaries. The star is known for his kindness and love for fans. But, once the well-behaved Khan too had a moment where a relentless fan tried to encroach into the King’s private space. While SRK ignored the fan initially, he finally showed him his place with a royal push.

#3 Salman Khan

Salman Khan is as short-tempered a star as you’ll get in Bollywood. His anger is well-known and equally well-feared (Ask SRK’s Security Staff). In this one incident, Bhaijaan was so irritated by fans clicking selfies with him, that he snatched a phone and threw it away. Not Salman’s proudest moment for sure.

4 Mika Singh

Mika Singh sing has given Bollywood many major hit songs (and one hit kiss) but there is one incident that Mika doesn’t feel so great about. The hit-machine once slapped a fan who unwittingly disturbed his performance by climbing on the stage.

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#5 Vidya Balan

Not just Bollywood’s brash boys but even the graceful Vidya Balan faced such a situation. Balan once screamed at a man who misbehaved her in the public. The actress said in an interview, That celebrities are public figures, not public properties.

According to you which actor always misbehaves in public? Share with us in the comment section below!