20 Date Ideas for the Perfect 2020 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. A time to go to an expensive, crowded restaurant and try to talk over the noise. No thank you! Here at Crated with Love, we like to get creative with our date nights, so we’ve created a list of some of our favorite date night ideas you can try this Valentine’s Day!

Cook a homemade romantic dinner

Skip the expensive restaurants and have a romantic dinner at home! Cook up something delicious, light some candles, dim the lights, and have a special Valentine’s Day dinner that’ll beat any restaurant.

Have a bonfire

Get nice and cozy next to a backyard bonfire. Grab some crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows and have yourself some delicious s’ mores treats. If you don’t have a place to have a bonfire, turn on the stove and roast your marshmallows there!

Make and exchange hand-made gifts

Needless to say, Valentine’s Day gifts can get expensive and aren’t all that personal. Give each other some time to think about what you want to make for each other, take a trip to the store, and buy everything you need (bonus points if you don’t let each other see). Now head back home and spend some time creating your gift. Exchange gifts when you’re both done.

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Have a movie night

Another classic on the list. Pick your favorite romantic movie, get in your PJs, and light some candles for a true Valentine’s Day atmosphere.

Paint your futures together

Get some paint and canvases and paint yourselves as you imagine in 10 years. This will be an interesting conversation starter about your futures as well.

Keep painting

This is a great activity to do after painting your futures together. Especially because you’ll already have all the supplies out and ready to go. Paint each other’s faces! Make them extra silly to have some laughs together!

Get your date nights delivered

Let us take care of the ideas and planning with a Crated with Love date night subscription! Every month we create a brand new theme with games and activities built to bring you closer together.

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Go ice skating

Ice skating is always a classic couple’s date night. You’ll hold hands, fall, laugh. Plus you get to cuddle and warm up afterward!

Go to a candy store

Candy and chocolates are a staple of Valentine’s Day, but a store-bought box can be so impersonal. Put a little twist on it this year and go to a candy store! Create your own box of chocolates!

Try your hand at an escape room

Escape rooms gained a lot of popularity in 2019, and for good reason. They’re a great way to test your mind and teamwork, which makes it a very underrated date! Work together this Valentine’s Day to escape one!

At-home spa day

Take Valentine’s Day as a chance to relax and unwind rather than stress yourself out trying to plan the perfect date night. Get some candles, some matching face masks, some oils, put some music, and let the night drift away along with your worries.

Go for a hike

Hikes are a great Valentine’s Day date night because not only do you get to spend some time in nature getting exercise, but you also get away from it all. No buildings, no technology, no other people. It’s just you and your partner taking in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Go to an amusement park

For the more extreme couples, try an amusement park. Raise your heart rates and see who has to take a break first!

Set up a stargazing station in your backyard

Few things are more romantic than laying side by side at night looking at all the stars. Grab some blankets to lay on the ground, more if it’s chilly outside, some snacks, and some music. You can easily spend hours just looking at shooting stars.

Get goofy

Date night doesn’t have to be serious. Get goofy together! Play some silly music and have a contest to see who can do the craziest dance. You can even “score” each other to add in a little competitive aspect.

Give each other massages

There aren’t many things that are quite as relaxing as a good massage. And what’s better than a massage from your significant other?

Create a date night jar

A lot of couples with having too many ideas for date night, which actually makes it harder to choose one! To remedy this, grab a jar and slips of paper. Write a date night in each one and put them in the jar. Every day, week, or month, grab one at random and do that date night!

Go for a drive

Get in your car and drive without a destination in mind. Sometimes driving together through a new area can be a great bonding experience because you will both be discovering new things together.

Make an “Our 2019” scrapbook

Gather a bunch of your favorite pictures you took together in 2019, head over to your local 1-hour print store, and make your very own “Our 2019” scrapbook! Do this every year to keep the tradition going and create an entire collection of memories to look back on.

Recreate your first date

There’s nothing quite like remembering how we felt when we first started dating our partners. The excitement, the butterflies, the discoveries. Recreate these feelings by replicating your first date. Go to the same place, get the same food, bring up the same topics. It’ll also give you an insight into how you have both grown and changed as people.

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Valentine’s Day isn’t reserved for just dinner and a movie. Have a little fun with it! Remember that relationships need growth and connection to flourish and develop. And regular date nights are crucial for this development. Try some of our date night ideas above this Valentine’s Day, and make it a point to keep date night going the rest of the year! Need a little help? Don’t worry, we got your back!