10 Famous Personalities Shared Their Secret Of Success

Famous Personalities People often face failure, but it takes a strong person to turn that failure into success. Because every successful individual who faced failure never thought that it was the end of the world. They believed it was the start of a new day. And in this article we will be telling you about famous personalities who shared their secret of success. So, here have a look at their secret of success!

Famous Personalities

1) Thomas A Edison

Thomas Edison is also known as master of trial and error.  He was an American inventor and businessman, who have been described as America’s greatest inventor. And he became the greatest inventor after he got failed 10000 times. After many years of hard work he discovered one of the most important discoveries for the mankind.

He failed like 10000 times before inventing the light bulb. And his secret of success was that he believed in himself and never lost the confidence. When he was a kid, his teacher told his parents that he can never be successful because of his slow brain. But, he proves everyone wrong by never giving up on his invention and became his best self.

2) Walt Disney

Walt Disney, the owner and founder of the Walt Disney Inc. He is dropout from school at the age of 16 years. He was even rejected from the army due to his underage. But, after a lot of struggle he got his first job as a cartoonist at the local newspaper. Then, he started doing designing for newspaper. After a few years he and his brother, took over a company named Laugh-O-Gram, which went Bankrupt. Laugh-O-Gram was the first step to Walt Disney and the rest is history as we know it.

3) Nelson Mandela

He was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist. He struggled for 27 years before becoming the president of South Africa. he also went to jail and his greatest motivation in jail was a scrap of paper, which had the famous lines by William Ernest Henley. The lines stated “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

4) N. R. Narayana Murthy

N. R. Narayana Murthy, is an Indian IT industrialist. He just changed the way Indian software industry works and is perceived by the world. He was very passionate about his work, but had no money. After borrowing some money from family and friends he started a company which was about to collapse because of no financial security. But somehow Murthy’s passion helped him and he inspired us all. All he did was try! try! try! and never give up.

5) JK Rowling

The author of the Harry Potter series “JK Rowling” is a great example of success. She had a passion of writing. Though she was very poor, but she continued writing. She even gave her idea, but her novel was rejected dozens of times before becoming the best seller in the history of fiction. But, she didn’t give up and continued writing and improving. At the end her novel got published and became the best seller.

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6) Bill Gates

The famous co-founder of Microsoft is a dropped out of Harvard to set up a business. But the business model was flawed and the company had few customers and resulted in losses from 1974 to 1980 before it was closed. And Bill Gates and his partner learned the lesson from their mistakes and created Microsoft.

7) Stephen King

Stephen King, a very famous writer and novelist who was alcohol abused at the age of 16 years to overcome his personal tragedies. He submitted his novel story 30 times and each time it was rejected. On the 31st attempt, he threw the manuscript out of the window. And his wife rescued the file and asked him to try once more and the world’s greatest classic was published. Because he became his best self.

8) Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven, a very talented and popular musician. When he was a kid his teacher discouraged him saying his musical skills are less than impressive. But, his father trusted him and his passion. And he took over Beethoven education, slowly and steadily. Later, he became a great musician, but he lost his hearing ability. But, again his passion overpowered the flaw and he composed four of his greatest works when he was completely deaf.

9) Steven Paul Jobs

Steven Paul jobs, the founder of apple. Most of us would not be familiar with his struggles; he lived his life sleeping at the door rooms of a friend’s house. He even stayed outside temples in India and ate free meals. Later, Paul and Clara Jobs, who decided to impart him further education, adopted Jobs. And his secret of success was his hard work and perseverance. He followed his passion of doing something great.

10) Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, a very famous actress of silver screen. And before hitting the silver screen, one of the famous producers rejected her stating that she was unattractive. She felt really bad, but didn’t quit and continued doing hard work. Her secret of success was, she conquered her mind and didn’t give up.